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Therapeutic Innovations

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Who we are

Therapeutic Innovations redesigns medical devices to make them more affordable, yet maintain the same standards of quality, for developing countries. This will ensure that small clinics and hospitals in poorer countries can afford more of the devices they weren’t able to prior.


Our story

The idea to reinvent medical devices was born after the company’s co-founder and CEO, Solomon, visited public hospitals in Ghana (west Africa). During his visit to one of the neonatal wards, he was baffled by the lack of bCPAPs available to clinicians to treat babies. This led him to probe deeper into the matter, visiting many other hospitals and interviewing medical professionals around the country. The information he received formed the bedrock leading to the inception of the first medical device.    



Our mission is to reduce the prevalence of illness and mortality due to inadequate or lack of medical devices.



Our vision is to become the leading name in medical device reinvention; and establish a strong presence in the medical device space.


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