The Airbaby

A BCPAP (Bubble Continuous positive airway pressure) device is a medical device that provides the adequate mix of oxygen and air at the right concentrations, humidity and temperature for preterm babies to assist in breathing. 


Pain Points

Between Ghana and India alone, approximately 4 million babies are born premature each year, of which more than 15% die, in large part due to respiratory complications. Most of these deaths are preventable provided there is the timely provision of respiratory assistance to the baby.


Access to medical devices in many developing countries is restrcited due to the high price point of those devices, limiting the amount of equipment hospitals can procure. 



This situation is no different for bCPAPs in countries like Ghana, where TI's on-the-ground research has revealed that expensive equipment limits access to bCPAPs. 


In addition, the unavailablility of consumables and lack of expertise to maintain and repair broken devices contribute to why hospitals are deprived of such life-saving equipment.


It is for these reasons we at Therapeutic Innovations have developed an affordable, easy-to-use and easily-maintained device that is fit to operate in conditions in hospitals in developing countries.


Prototype Design

The prototyping process begun three years ago with the first ever 'Frankenstein' concept. The device functioned better than expected to our astonishment, becoming the first iteration in a series of Airbaby prototypes. 


The next iterations improved on function, rigidity, portability and overall aesthetic.

The final iterations focused on modularity and a control system unit to allow for physicians to regulate the system's functions.


Redesigned and Reimagined



The Airbaby is a reengineered take on the conventional bCPAP, built to be rigid and affordable for NICUs in emerging markets, while maintaining internationally recognized quality and performance specifications on par with established bCPAPs.


Potential Impact

When successfully launched, the Airbaby has the potential to save countless lives. This reimagined bCPAP will lower the barriers for hospitals in emerging markets to procuring and maintaining such devices. More functional medical technology with little to no downtime will mean more babies saved!